Briefly in english

I’m Minna Sumelius, a 41-old writer, NGO worker, activist, feminist anti-racist and mother of one. I am running for Turku city council for third time.

My main slogan, ’Radical Justice’, describes my way of making politics. My goals are described by the following themes:



Everyone’s Turku means equality. In Everyone’s Turku every person has the same rights and opportunities to live, use services, get an education, work and do hobbies. This means a critical review of the system; the rights of Turku residents are not yet structurally the same.



Fair Turku means combating wealth disparities. There, basic human needs are met with quality public services and they are not turned into profit. It does not prioritize economic growth above all else. There, the money of the townspeople is not set in commercial risk projects. Fair Turku is developed on human and environmental terms – not on the terms of large companies. In Fair Turku, local people are genuinely involved in decision-making and democracy is an absolute value. Decision-making is transparent and not based on affiliation. In fair Turku, no child or young person falls through safety nets. Culture will also be re-established in its own right, and its operating conditions will be ensured.



Sustainable Turku recognizes the prevailing climate emergency. Carbon neutrality is not enough for Sustainable Turku – it is carbon negative. It recognizes that climate change cannot be combated by means of capitalism and understands that climate change and social justice cannot be separated. Sustainable Turku is not designed or built on the terms of private motoring. In Sustainable Turku there is a tram and there are decent bike paths and its roads are also safe for walking and there is space for it. In sustainable Turku, old-growth forests can stand in peace and the city takes care of the Baltic Sea and its urban green spaces.

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